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About Topbobble


We have been making bobbleheads since 2005, when we started Topbobble with one simple mission: Make the best bobbleheads and win our customers’ satisfaction.

Our Team

The Tobobble team is combined by sculptor and service team. Talented artists and superb customer service is the soul of Topbobble. We only hire the candidate who meets our rigorous skill standards and likes sculpture jobs. All the service representatives are systematically trained with bobblehead knowledge and working closely with customer and artists. In this way, all your questions could be answered within shortly 4 working hours. It’s the highlight of Topbobble service team. We are the one and only team capable for this prompt service in the bobblehead industry. In this way, high quality bobbleheads and prompt customer service is solidly guaranteed.

Our Personnel

Talent artists and superb customer service is the soul of Topbobble. We only hire the candidate who meets our rigorous skill standards and likes sculpture jobs. We pay our decent wage and provide them with pleasant work environment. They work happily and  concentrate on making the artworks and serving the customers professionally. We all believe that if our customers love the custom bobbleheads we provide, they will recommend Topbobble to the other loved ones and friends. This is why we go the extra mile to meet all your needs, making sure every detail is captured and sculpt it with full heart. One of the differences between Topbobble and other custom bobblhead supplier is that, our bobbleheads are sculpted in a joyful art work shop while others are made in the stressful factory work shop. In this spirit, you bobble will be good and vivid – every time.

Our Products

As our mission is to make the best bobble heads and win customers’ satisfaction, we put it into action at every step till the product is delivered to your hands. Most of the personalized bobblehead providers use poly resin clay. They bake and mold the dolls, paint it and then it’s yours. The color of these bobbleheads is flat and no 3D effect, because the colors are applied on surface only. Topbobble uses Polymer Clay – the color is the clay itself, so the color of our bobbleheads are actually more durable, brighter, true 3D likeness,and higher quality.

Arts and crafts

Some of the other provider might tell you they use the software to catch the face and make the 3D mode from which the bobblehead will be shaped. Beware!! If the face of your photo is a poker face, ok, you can let them do it. If you want a natural and vivid face on your bobble, you have to find an experienced sculptor to capture the details and use her hand to sculpt it. All the bobble heads sculpted by Topbobble is 100% human work art. That’s why many of our clients sent us testimonials.


We proudly offer decent gift package for FREE. During the check out, our site will allow you to select a beautiful gift box for FREE. In this way, you don’t have to repack your gift and just sent it to your beloved. In any case you need us to write a card or put a small gift in the box, just feel free to let us know. We will make our best to meet your needs.

Customer service

Your satisfaction is our number one priority. Our customer service team is well trained in term of service quality and sculpture knowledge. They work together with the artists in the art work shop, so you will always receive prompt, courteous service to your order.

Shopping system

We have made over 100,000 custom bobbleheads for customers from various regions. Base on your needs, we continually work on improving the present and functionality of our site. Our IT team is always working hard to make it an easy shopping system. And when we add new products or make enhancements to Topbobble.com, it's because we are responding to input from frequent surveys that let us know what customers want most. Feel free to tell us what you think any time.