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Frequently Asked Question

The following FAQ’s might answer your questions about our custom bobblehead service. If not, please feel free to contact us.

1.About products
1)  What’s the size of my doll?
Your doll will be normally between 6.5-7.5 inches( 16-18cm). As you know, all the bobbleheads are 100% handmade, so the sizes will be slightly different from one to the other.
2)  What’s the material of the products?
The material of the bobbleheads is Polymer Clay. Most of the bobble head providers use poly resin. They bake and mold the dolls, paint it and then it’s yours. The colors of these resin bobbleheads are dull and poor 3D effect, because the colors are applied on surface only. Topbobble uses Polymer Clay – the color is the clay itself, so the colors of our bobbleheads are actually more durable, brighter, true 3D likeness and higher quality.
2.About photo uploading
1)  How many images I should offer to make my personalized bobblehead?
The front view photo is required, and side view or rear view photos are recommended. The outcome of the bobblehead depends on the quality of the photograph. Our artists always long to craft all the details of your bobblehead. Therefore, we always recommend that the photograph should have a smiling face or with some unique facial expression. We strongly advise against sending us artistic photos that soft lenses are applied, but lack in facial details. Please avoid uploading the blurry photo which will affect the final resemblance of your bobble head. 
2)  How come I can’t upload my photos?
It’s mostly likely that the size of your photos are too large. Please limit them in less than 1 MB each. In case our system fails, please skip the uploading step and continue the checkout, then send your photos via email along with your order number.
3.About proofs
1)  Should I pay for the bobblehead proofing? How many times I can comment during the bobblehead sculpture?
Glad to tell you that you don’t need to pay a single bulk for the Proofing. Basically, we send you pictures for face proofs, hair proofs, body proofs and final proofs at different stage of the procedure. If you are not satisfied with any of the proofs, we will modify the bobblehead as per your comments and send you a new proof. Once the proof is approved, it will be baked and moved to the next proof. Keep in mind that, the process can’t move backward once the bobblehead is baked.
4.About making changes on the custom bobbleheads
1)  Is it possible to change the clothes or pose of my bobblehead?
Sure, just let us know in the comment if you like to change the outfit color or style. In case you want to change the clothes style, please send us a referenc picture to  service@topbobble.com . These changes are subject to surcharge. Remember to do this right upon the order confirmation because the color of your bobbledead is the clay itself, not painted. We can’t change it while the body is shaped and baked. 
2)  Can you make the facial expression of my bobblehead different from the photo?
If you want your custom bobblehead to smile, the person must be smiling in the photo. Our custom bobblehead masters always capture the facial expression only from your photo. Of course, they will find the distinguishing characteristics and accentuate those to create a strong likeness. In this way, you will say, “wow, that’s what I want.”
3)  Is there any possibility to…?
Yes, you imagine it, we make it. Just specify what you like us to make on your bobblehead and send us photos for reference. For the fully custom bobbleheads please refer to our fully custom bobblehead section. Other than that, you can also put some extra items like hats, glasses…on the existing sample bobbleheads.
5.About shipment and destination
1) What’s the lead time of my custom bobblehead?
On the checkout page you are allowed to select the time frame of your order. In urgent cases, we are able to deliver the bobblehead within 7 days. You will receive photos as proof during the production. In any case, if delays on receipt of approval on the proof or modification occurs, the whole production time may be extended. Following is the details of available delivery types and conditions.
  • A: Standard(2 months with proofing) $20.00
  • B: Slightly Rush (5-6 weeks with proofing) $25.00
  • C: Rush (3-4 weeks with proofing) $35.00
  • D: Very Rush (15 business days with proofing) $55.00
  • E: Extremely Rush (10 business days without proofing) $75.00
  • F:  Wow, I need it now (7 business days without proofing) $95.00

2) What countries do you ship to?

All the bobbleheads are shipped by FedEx courier to every region all over the world. The shipping is normally 1-4 days.

6.About price, discount and refund
1) How much is my bobblehead?
All the single custom bobblehead dolls start at $79 and normally cost $89-$139, including shipping (Standard). If your custom bobblehead is very intricate (custom-body, pet, car, motorcycle) additional charge is necessary.
2) Should I pay for the extras??
We proudly offer extras for FREE. If you like to add a small extra like cap, glasses, watch etc., just write it in your instruction during checkout. If your extra is a special one, just feel free to specify it in your comments. We will try out best to meet your needs.
3) I’m about to order multiple custom bobbleheads, can I get a discount?
 Yes, we offer 10% discount to 10+ units.
4) What if I’m dissatisfied with my bobblehead? Can I cancel the ordear and get the refund?
At Topbobble, You can place your order without worry. We will send you the proof before the shipment. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, we will modify it till 100% satisfaction. Any orders couldn't be canceled and no refund should be made once the sculpture works starts because the artists spends lots of time on making every bobblehead.
5) Can I get a refund if the bobblehead is broken by the transportation?
If the item is broken during the transportation, please send us the pictures and relative proofs within 2 working days upon receipt. We will send refund according to the situation. All the appeals after 2 working days from receipt will be regarded as invalid.

We are always happy to discuss questions about our bobblehead service. Please feel free to contact us at service@topbobble.com